About us and FAQ

Vavanya (Pty) Ltd is an independent, owner managed South African company that was conceived and born in the Pandemic that is Covid-19. The name originates from the Xhosa word for “test” and that is what we do – we test the veracity and accuracy of the accounts that you get from your medical service providers.

This team of Healthcare, Paramedical and IT professionals have worked together for 20+ years – we are so committed to this service that even our accountant has a medical background.

Obviously – we hope that you or your family do not get ill and incur medical bills. But if you do, we will ensure that those bills correctly reflect the services you received.

What we do

We verify and provide advice on all medical, paramedical and hospital accounts. From coding to charging and pricing. We assist you by providing you with knowledge and context to have an informed discussion with your medical service provider or hospital or even your medical aid as to why the account has errors or why you have been charged for items not requested or not supplied. If your account is correct, we will tell you. However, if we can advise on altering the scale of future accounts, we will do that as well.

Who are you guys?

An experienced team of Medical and IT professionals who have been in this industry for over 20 years. We actively work in the FWA (Fraud, Waste and Abuse) environment for medical funders in South Africa and have done so for many years.

How much does this cost?

Our pricing structure incorporates Individuals, Unitary families (with up to three children under 21), Extended families (with up to four grandparents included) and an offer for Corporates who have a sense of responsibility to their employees and dependants.
However, we are not getting married to each other – you can cancel at any time.
You may also elect to invest in a yearly membership where you get two months for free.

Firstly, let’s look at this as an investment. We believe that we will provide you far greater value than you spend on the program.
We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We actually hope you don’t have medical bills to start off with! But when you do, we will be there to assist and advise. Just remember this is a low touch enterprise – we are not going to spend hours on the phone – we communicate electronically!
Let’s discuss it – you won’t be put off by the price.

Why do we do this

To ensure that errors haven’t crept in, to ensure that you are not being overcharged and to confirm that the account submitted to you reflects the services that you received. It will also allow you to make future informed choices about medical services that you or your family seek out.
It is a fact that, whilst you received world-class professional medical services, the billing often reflects a lessor level of administrative competence. We are there to ascertain if those accounts match up to the same high standard as that of your medical service provider.
Our billing model is a monthly, time-based subscription. Our business ethic is modelled on an ethos that we are service orientated, we communicate, and we are there for our clients.
We undertake the following:
* Clarity in our ethos and ethics
* Collaboration with resources that represent the best available to detect problems
* Communication that is clear, concise, and direct
* Value to our clients
* A team approach to our individual clients
* Systems that represent the new normal – our low-touch approach will still be attentive and professional
* Absolute confidentiality in dealing with medical accounts – our systems ensures that !

Why do I need this?

Medical Accounts are not an exact science. It must be remembered that medical accounts often do not come from your Doctor but from a billing agency staffed by non-medical personnel.
There are issues with inappropriate coding, excess charging, charging for investigations that were not requested and, charging for inappropriate consumables.
All of these can be corrected with our advice!  You may not save on the submitted account but you will save in the future !
Let’s face it – the devil is in the detail ! – And we understand that detail !

How do you do it?

As a client, we assist you in a step-by-step manner to upload your medical accounts onto our platform along with other documents such as prescriptions, request forms, referral notes and reports. We ask you to fill in some detail about the patient, service provider and expected service. We will then assess all of these in a holistic manner and issue you with a report that you can send to the person who sent you the account in the first place.
All clients will have a unique profile for themselves or each member of their family / group – that helps us control who is using the services and ensures that we have all the information needed to do accurate assessments of the accounts.
If need be, we will assist you with accessing the correct channels to make complaints to the Council for Medical Schemes, the Health Professions Council of South Africa or the Consumer Goods and Services ombudsman.

I have a medical scheme – why do I need this ?

Medical Schemes have two sources of funds that they pay from – those that are in the scheme risk pool and those that come out of savings accounts or day to day benefits. The in-house scrutiny of those can differ widely depending on who is paying.
All Medical Schemes in South Africa are controlled by a statutory body – the Council for Medical Schemes – they do a good job – but can be difficult to navigate.
The Medical Schemes spend immense amounts of money defining and explaining your benefits. Do you spend the same amount of time understanding them? If not, maybe we can assist !
Also, when detail is examined by actual humans (rather than machines), we find issues with allocations from savings accounts rather than risk pools, issues where a simple registration with your scheme could change where payment is made from. Issues where Hospital Authorisations have not been corrected to reflect correct length of stay.
Your brokers look after your interests – but do they have the necessary expertise to delve into complex accounts?
We can advise on altering your medical purchasing behaviour to save you and your medical scheme money. After all – if you both save, maybe next year’s contribution increase will not be so high!

How will you bill me?

All our billing is done through a proven stable international payment portal . You will be billed on a recurring basis (monthly or yearly) and you can cancel at any time.

What about confidentiality?

Firstly, your passwords are unique to you, our IT guys cannot even access them. We have state of the art access control for our uploading system over a secure connection. All your claims are loaded onto a secure server and processed by suitably qualified professional assessors.
We are fully POPI compliant. We understand the intricacies of dealing with confidential medical information.
Our financial transactions are performed through a trusted payment platform which should give piece of mind to any client.

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